The multimodal transportation consists of executing an international transportation, combining more than one mean of transportation, namely:

  • Ocean and road;
  • Ocean and railway;
  • Air and road;
  • Air and ocean;

For complex routings, or thorough selection of the best quality-price ratio in each leg of the transportation, the multimodal shipment is an important option, frequently the only one – particularly if to/from countries without maritime border.
With the support of our international agents, we pick-up your cargo anywhere in the globe and offer the best solution into the final destination, as the result of a sensible selection of partners and suppliers – lines, airlines, etc.
Neotrans has significant background in operations of such nature: countless routings and several combinations of means of transportation. Our competence and professionalism, allied to the experience we have ensure that your cargo will be in good hands, without a doubt.

Considering the different conventions that rule the various means of transport, Neotrans ensures, in cooperation with its partners, the supervision of the transit handling of cargoes and it’s integrity at destination. For these types of operations we promote and advise the execution of transport insurance to cover the whole itinerary.