About Us

Neotrans was founded in 1988, by a skilled team of professionals, with many years of experience in airlines, shipping lines and forwarders.
With offices in Lisboa and Porto, Neotrans is particularly dedicated to air, ocean and multimodal shipments. We also provide a vast scope of complementary services and own – both in Lisboa and Porto – Customs Authorized Export warehouses.
We emphasize our experience in special operations, namely the handling and shipping of oversized cargoes and equipment to/from special events.
The African continent represents a significant share of our overall business, particularly Angola where we are represented by Neotrânsitos.
Neotrans is IATA Airfreight agent and member of the Portuguese Freight Forwarders Association – APAT.
Our services are performed according to the general conditions approved by our association – APAT – and pursuant to the international rules approved for each transport mean.