Although providing global services, we aren’t always in the best position to offer both quality and competitive service to all destinations. Just like in our case, it’s common that a forwarder specializes in certain market(s), for which acquires bigger negotiation capability.
Neotrans has always placed great emphasis in the close collaboration with its fellow forwarding partners. In this context, we are proud to promote the cooperation with colleagues (partners, not rivals), performing transportation on a co-loading basis. It’s all about capitalizing synergies, with evident benefits for all three parts involved: our company, our partners and respective clients.
The co-loading policy presupposes a neutral posture, as the result of a realistic perspective and solid partnership relations, based on the credibility and integrity of the intervenient parts.

In our point of view, considering the relative dimension of the Portuguese transport market, it’s advisable and necessary to develop the co-loading initiatives and joint actions for special projects that may operate as temporary consortium.
From our side we are open to all initiatives.
We remember that, in many countries with a volume of traffic much bigger than ours, the co-loading agreements are a current practice.